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Wincenty Ryży was born in 1852 and died in 1927. As a young man he went to Petersburg, where he was to study to be a doctor. For his patriotic activity he was sent into exile to Siberia by the tsarist Russian rulers. In 1881 he came back because of his uncle's dr Stanisław Drozdowski help to Adampol. Then he built a house, which became a home of the Ryży family. In 1883 he married Zofia (née Kępka). Not so long after that Wincent and Zofia had 4 sons and 4 daughters (Stanisław, Kazimierz, Józef, Czesław, Eugenia, Helena and Zofia).

Zofia, the wife of Wincenty (1864-1951) was a daughter of Ignacy Kępka (1813-1921), who was one of the first Adampol's settlers. He probably lived 101 years. During the Crimean War he served in the Cossack Division of J.C.M. Sultan. When the division was dissolved, he stayed in Adampol and married Elżbieta


Stanisław Ryży (1883-1968) with all the family left for Poland before the Second World War. He took part in the War in 1920 against Soviet Russia as a volunteer.


Zofia Ryży
(1903-1986), the youngest of seven children, the latest occupant of this house, stayed with her mother and continued her father's work promoting the Polish culture. Her house was opened to all the people from Poland. She stayed to the end of his life in Adampol. Zofia Ryży, during her long life, witnessed all the changes in the village. These changes inevitably led to the disappearance of her Polish character and awareness. She was well known in Poland because of her tenacious fight about polishness of the village. In 1929 along with a group of inhabitants of Adampol she went to Poland to see an industry exhibition in Poznań, in 1934 she took part in a convention of Polonies.

After the II World War she was in the homeland many times, for example in 1967 and 1981. In 1975 in recognition of her activity, she was honoured with the Silver Merit Medal by the PRL Council. In 1981 she obtained from the Society connecting Polonia and foreign countries a certificate for her amazing achievements strengthening the patriotic bond between Polonia and Adampol.

When her parent were still alive, her father - an exile who was involved in a patriotic activity and mother - a daughter of Ignacy Kępka, numerous guests from all over the world that visited Adampol and the house of Ryży family wrote something down in their commemorative notebooks. Zofia Ryży died in her family house on August, the 15th in 1986. She was buried on a cemetery in Adampol next to her parents.

After the death of Zofia, her heirs Leslaf Rizi (Lesław Ryży) and Antoni Dochoda decided to secure all the souvenirs, which were connected with the lots of the settlement. Zofia’s house managed to be place where all the souvenirs memorizing the history of Adampol and the life of its inhabitants were kept.

Thanks to help of the consul general in Istanbul, Ryszard Korczewski, and to the foundation "Adampol", a group of specialists, led by ethnographers worked for National Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw, prepared a memory house in 1992 and on 4th of July 1992, because of 150th anniversary of the settlement, the House of Memory of Zofia Ryży was opened.



Czesław Ryzy (1889-1973) married  Apolonia Minakowska. They had 6 children: Edwin, Feliks, Agnieszka, Lesław, Eugeniusz and Barbara. In the sixties Eugeniusz, Barbara and Agnieszka emigrated from Adampol. Czesław Ryży died in Australia. He was buried in Australia by his son, who was visiting him.



Edwin Ryży (1920-1980) went to Poland in 1935 in order to study. He came back do Turkey in 1941. Until 1945 he worked in the Consulate General of Poland in Istanbul as a translator. He finished a faculty of Romanesque literature on the University of Istanbul. Till 1968 he worked as a director in the Tourism Ministry of Turkey, he was an editor and speaker in the Polish section of Radio Ankara, then he became a head of the Information Department in he Radio-Television Centre in Ankara. He was buried in Adampol.



Lesław Ryży was bought up by his aunt - Zofia Ryży. He was a farmer and the administrator of Adampol (1957-1975). In his term in the seventies, he wanted to plant conifer forests in order to protect Adampol from a sudden increase of number of towns that bordered to Adampol and to protect forests nearby Adampol. He fought with illegal cutting of the trees. He installed  electricity in the village. He stayed in contact with Poland-Turkey Society in Krakow and with the House of Polonia in Warsaw. Like his aunt, Zofia Ryży, he treated Polish as special guests. He didn't want them to pay him for stay and he corresponded with them later. After Zofia's death he wanted to continue her tradition and to retain all the souvenirs. He founded the House of the Memory of Zofia Ryży.  In 1992 he left with a group of inhabitants of Adampol to Poland and with a pilgrimage to the Vatican. In the 150th anniversary of Adampol day he was honoured with gold Merit Medal of the Republic of Poland and with a silver Medal of Fight and Martyrdom Protection Council.



Agnes Modlinska (z domu Agnieszka Ryży) has been  Polish for five generations. She was born in Adampol. She helped and accompanied Lesław's father continuously in his activity. She went to Poland in 1984 in order to study. She met his future husband. Their church wedding took place traditionally in Adampol. In the period of 1992-1995 she had a restaurant in Adampol. She was promoting the Polish culture and Polish cuisine. 

In 1992 she actively took part in organizing the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of Adampol by Duke Czartoryski and she was a member of board of a cultural foundation Adampol-Turkey. In the anniversary year she also took part  in a delegation and a pilgrimage to the Vatican, where they were received by John Paul II. In 1992 she gave some archival materials of Adampol to the library of Czartoryski family in Krakow. She actively took part in archiving the materials, which belonged to the Ryży family. Actually she lives in Poland and leads a gallery Constantinopol since June 2005.

The Ryży family for many generations collects the family souvenirs and documents devoted to Adampol foundation even today. Thanks to the family traditions and cooperation with some institutions arose the House of the Memory of Zofia Ryży.



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